Parents Information

    Terms and Conditions:

    * Ontario High school credit is granted after the student completes 110 hours of Ontario Curriculum.

    * Tuition fee is non-refundable once the student is enrolled
    It is a condition; that the student attends all scheduled classes unless otherwise there is a legitimate reason provided to back up for the absence

    * Attendance sheet is to be signed by the student every scheduled class

    * On the registration form, an expected completion date is indicated. If, for any reason, the student is unable to finish the 110 hours by the expected date. Then, Xpert Private High School holds no responsibility t0 any admission declines by universities, colleges, or other post-secondary schools.
    * Any problem that arises due to health issues, school will not be held responsible. If any allergies, please indicate.
    I, hereby, agree to all the terms and conditions of Xpert Private High School and would like to enroll in the School.