Exam Prep

2-3 weeks program specially designed for students to finish and prepare for the entire coursework.

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8-12 hours of preparation specially for Grade 3, Grade 6, Grade 9 EQAO and Grade 10 OSSLT.

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IB/IBT Training

Advanced learning program for students of Grade 9-12.

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Xpert Tutoring is true to its name is a learning focused center where we not only helps students with their school work, projects and problems. But, We also enrich and enahance their abilities to solve further complex problems.

We also procter as an exam center for all kinds of Exams

Why Choose Us ?

We specialize in tutoring, exam prep, homework help and advanced learning so our students can perform at the best of their abilities.

Our Testimonials

Reviews from Students and Parents about their experience with us.

I have been going for a year and there’s no other tutor that can explain concepts like he does


Amazing tutoring, because of Mr. Gadhok I am able to excel at a high level in Math.

Mohit Singh

I have been going to Xpert Tutoring for over 1 year and I can honestly say I have never met a better tutor! He has helped me in courses such as Physics and Functions in which I have achieved above 90% due to his support and great learning strategies! If you are looking for a tutor I highly recommend you give Xpert Tutoring a call as you will definitely benefit from this experience!

Gurleen Chahal

Xpert tutoring is an amazing tutoring center that has amazing teachers and because of them I was able to achieve high grades in my courses. Their teaching methods are so simple and effective compared to methods used in school. If it weren’t for Xpert tutoring I would not have been able to do as well as I am doing in my courses. Xpert tutoring is the best and I strongly recommend their service if you are looking for a tutor.


Parvinder is an amazing teacher, because of him I continue to achieve mid to high 90s in my courses, such as in physics (11 and 12) and advanced functions. Parvinder’s teaching methods are different from those taught in class, but because of this he could tech you an hour long lesson within 2 minutes and with 1 sheet of paper and you would understand the concept so well that you could do a pop quiz at any time (even a year later) with out any preparations and you would still ace that test, just because of how well his lessons stick with you. In all honestly, I think Parvinder’s the best tutor, and I definitely wouldn’t be able to achieve my test scores with out him.

Kajanth Kirupananthan